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Région de Mégantic «Uninhibited Outdoor!»


Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

Ascending Mont Saint-Joseph or Mont Mégantic, discovering ASTROLab and the astronomy observatories and exploring the mountain and the sky make Parc national du Mont-Mégantic a place where activities "from the Earth to the sky" come together in perfect harmony.

This park, which was created in 1994, is an increasingly popular year-round outdoor destination. It is the only scientific attraction of its kind in Québec, at the heart of the unique International Dark Sky Reserve.

Observatory Sector
  •  Trois-Sommets trail: 15 km, advanced
  • Mont-Saint-Joseph loop: 8.5 km, intermediate
  • Mont-Mégantic loop: 10.7 km, intermediate
  • Sentier des Crêtes: 1 km, beginner
  • From the Earth to the Stars trail: 5 km, intermediate
  • Mont-Mégantic trail (Petite-Ourse sector): 1 km, beginner

Franceville Sector
  • Sentier des Cimes loop: 11.4 km, intermediate
  • Sentier des Escarpements: 6.4 km, intermediate
  • Sentier de la Promenade du ruisseau loop: 2.5 km,beginner
  • Piste de la Vallée: 3.9 km, beginner

To find out all the details, read the parc's journal or the website.