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Région de Mégantic «Uninhibited Outdoor!»

What to do?

Walking tour - Le Marcheur d'étoiles

  • Walking tour - Le Marcheur d'étoiles
Walking tour - Le Marcheur d'étoiles


Walking tour  Le Marcheur d'étoiles

Walk through Lac-Mégantic's city centre with a cultural and historical tour. An exhibition located in our railway station put a light on the events of July 6 2013. The tour will also allow you to explore the city with its 48 monumental sculptures, outdoor photo exhibition and a lot more. A search and find is also available at the information centre or railway station and will make the tour a little more fun and challenging.

Explore our city centre differently with BaladoDécouverte

Le Marcheur d’étoiles is available on Balado Découverte, a mobile app that uses GPS features to guide its users. The content is also downloadable.

  1. Download the app BaladoDécouverte
  2. Touch the compass and access to Le Marcheur d’étoiles | Circuit touristique Lac-Mégantic
  3. Uncover videos, audio recordings, pictures and a lot more.

Le Marcheur d’étoiles offers 15 points of interest that will make your tour around Lac-Mégantic memorable !