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Région de Mégantic «Uninhibited Outdoor!»


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Spectacle Réconfort - Lac-Mégantic

July 8th, 2023 from 20h00 to 23h00

Inspired by the summer 2013 comfort series featuring free shows, a show will be offered to the entire population on July 8 at 8 p.m. at Veterans Park. During this meeting between the artists and the Méganticoise community, a benevolent atmosphere will reign and will highlight the strengths, the resilience and the great victories that are hidden behind the last 10 years.

“During this vibrant show, and in all sobriety, the artists will present to the community many songs from their repertoire, but also some special requests from citizens. The light and the stories of the citizens will add to the whole show that we are preparing so that it is a place of speech, communion and pride,” expresses the show team.

  • Spectacle Réconfort - Lac-Mégantic
Spectacle Réconfort - Lac-Mégantic