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Région de Mégantic «Uninhibited Outdoor!»

Where to sleep?

Mont Gosford Rustic camps

  • Mont Gosford Rustic camps
Mont Gosford Rustic camps


Camps Arnold I, Arnold II, and Le Castor are warm rustic camps for rent. They can accommodate from 8 to 10 people. Location: Rustic camps Arnold I and Arnold II are built in duplex at 0.8 km from the reception as the rustic camp Le Castor is located at 1.2 km from the reception. They are accessible by the forest path leading to the Pavillon Rose Délima. Take note that during winter the road network is not clear of snow. A luggage transport service is offered (in winter only). Renting includes: -wood stove, mattress, table and seats -outdoor dry toilet -firewood and toilet paper -cauldron available in the refuge to boil the water Note: luggage transport is available in winter only. Cost: $6 per luggage ($31.25 minimum fees). A luggage corresponds to a container of 20 kg or less (a backpack, an icebox, a plastic tray, etc.). Equipment to bring: -sleeping bag, pillows -food and kitchen utensils (dishes, cauldron, etc.) -headlight, flashlight -drinking water (provided with luggage transport service only) Outside: A site for a fireplace is available outside (take note that it is forbidden to make a fire from May 31 to November 1st). A picnic table is available as well as several sites to install tents. Mount Gosford also has refuges on its territory.