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Région de Mégantic «Uninhibited Outdoor!»

What to do?

  • Spyder lake
  • Spyder lake
  • Spyder lake
  • Spyder lake
Spyder lake Spyder lake Spyder lake Spyder lake

First and foremost, if you can read some French don't be too worried about the name of the lake (translating to Spider Lake) It is a reference to its shape which resemble one of a spider. Nothing more.  

The name might not have convinced you but I'm pretty sure that the sandy beach with the Mount Mégantic as a perfect backdrop will. This wild landscape shelters a pure and clear water, free of any impurities. The lake is not very deep, making it one of the best spot to bring the kids. Amenities available on site are toilets, changing rooms, picnic tables, shelters in case of rain and a launching ramp. The beach is open from the end of June until the end of August. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lifeguard is on duty Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 10AM to 6PM only, weather permits.

Entry is 2$ for anyone that is 7 or older, when the lifeguard is on duty.

Dogs are NOT allowed on site.

You can access the beach through Rang 4, via route 204.