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The Mégantic region at the heart of the first International Dark Sky Reserve

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Lambton - Cœur villageois

  • Lambton  - Cœur villageois
Lambton  - Cœur villageois


1 800-363-5515

The citizen engagement makes Lambton stand out as a town that puts foward its really unique assets and personnality ensuring it is one of the best Cœur villageois in the Eastern Townships ! The city council supported by a group of dynamic volunteers are working non-stop to improve Lambton's attractions. The magnificent and imposing St-Vital church, the walking circuit and its art gallery are only a few examples of their hard work. 

Overlooking the beautiful lake Saint-François, Lambton offers some of the most impressive viewpoints right from its city center. A warm welcome awaits at the tourism office located in the church's presbytery. Nothing is better than to ask a local for tips and well-guarded secrets about their own town. If you'd like to stay a little longer, you'll find a range of bed & breakfast and campgrounds where you'll be able to find some peace and quiet. Frontenac National Park is also a few minutes away and is a great place to stop for some biking, kayaking, swimming and all kinds of activities.