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The Mégantic region at the heart of the first International Dark Sky Reserve


Mount Bélanger hiking trails

  • Mount Bélanger hiking trails
Mount Bélanger hiking trails


Mount Bélanger, located in St-Robert-Bellarmin, stands at 3 150 feet tall.

 Mount Bélanger offers a serie of breathtaking sceneries where hills, escarpments and lakes meet making it an ideal location to observe the local fauna and flora. A new and magnificent view hides through the hiking trails and at the top of every summit.

The sprees and lake Émilie are only a few examples of the different types of location you can find in these trails.

The exceptional forest ecosystem surrounding lake Émilie covers close to 114 acres of 200 years old white spruce.

Mount Bélanger offers a network of 8 different paths totalling over 12 miles of hiking trails. 

Mount Bélanger observation tower

A 20-footer observation tower stands at the top of mount Bélanger and allows every hiker a magnificent 360° view of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

We guarantee your visit will be worth it !