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The Mégantic region at the heart of the first International Dark Sky Reserve


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Tribute to the Moon - Outdoor Concert

July 28th, 2018 at 21h00


Festival Saint-Zénon de Piopolis

Tribute to the Moon - David Élias and his Musicians

Moondance, Blue Moon, Stardust, Moon River

In case of rain, the concert will be offered to the Church of St-Zenon in Piopolis and will remain free of charge.

Voluntary contribution for the benefit of Maison la Cinquième Saison.

Parc du Croissant de Lune

In front of 349 Rang des Grenier,
Piopolis, Quebec 

Programmation Complète - Festival Saint-Zénon de Piopolis.pdf

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  • Tribute to the Moon - Outdoor Concert
Tribute to the Moon - Outdoor Concert