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The Mégantic region at the heart of the first International Dark Sky Reserve


Summit Days : First week-end

From September 7th to 8th, 2019

Saturday September 7th 2019

Quebec national parks day
Free entry for all.

  • Parc national de Frontenac: Click Here  to see the schedule!
  • Parc national du Mont-Mégantic: Hike at your own pace and visit the observatory and Astrolab. Located at the foot of Mont-Mégantic, the ASTROLab is an astronomy activity centre consisting of a high definition multimedia room and three exhibits. The visit will take you through the biggest mystery of all time: the Universe. Click for more information here !

Dimanche 8 septembre 2019

Demi-marathon Mont Gym

  • You like running or encouraging athlete ? Be there at 7am to cheer the runners! If you would like to register click here !

  • Summit Days : First week-end
Summit Days : First week-end