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The Mégantic region at the heart of the first International Dark Sky Reserve


Isabelle Boulay, En VÉRITÉ

May 25th, 2019 at 19h45


An international star, winner of 19 Felix and 2 « Victoires de la musique » awards, Isabelle Boulay holds the record, with Céline Dion, for a Quebec singer having won 7 Felix awards for Best female singer. Isabelle Boulay brings joy and energy by presenting her album « En vérité » together with partner Benjamin Biolay. For this piano/voice show, Isabelle will be accompanied by the talented pianist Benoit Sarrazin. She will present a medley of songs written by some of the greatest composers who originate from both sides of the Antlantic including Carla Bruni, Julien Clerc, Alex Nevsky, Cœur de Pirate, Raphaël and Benjamin Biolay. The show will provide feelings of warmth, instinct, time travel as well as Country and Latino themes.

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  • Isabelle Boulay, En VÉRITÉ
Isabelle Boulay, En VÉRITÉ